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The thought has occured to me after the last 24 hours, the papers this morning and the comments here, on Myspace and on Bebo that, in answering a question someone posted in the comments section, I might give you a little insight into how all this radio mularkey works…

Michael said…
Me again… out of vague interest, who will be replacing you? And can you warn me of any more changes?< Who is going where? And what business have you upsetting your loyal listeners and making them choke on their dinner with such mistimed and disturbing announcements? But then I suppose I should be grateful, as I wouldn’t know otherwise. All this job swapping is making me dizzy… can’t you lot stay where you are for a while… I’m not even fully used to the current schedule…By the way, as you may have noticed, I’m no longer anonymous. I’ve just obtained a name. Well, have had it for a while really… but that’s a long story… now where was I… oh right, the whole business of all this upheaval… no job security…
2:13 AM

Sorry Michael πŸ™ The weird thing is that every time this happens I get a few abusive e-mails and messages from people asking me why I’m feckin’ off loyal listeners by deciding to move my time….! I know this is pretty much self apparent but nonetheless:

We don’t choose where we go – we’re just the hired help around here πŸ™‚

One person this time actually had a go at me for being happy about this all… *sigh* πŸ™

While all of the “higher profile, better slot, promotion, earlier in the day” thing is great, would you like to know the biggest reason I’m so thrilled about the new slot? Simple – it means I’ll be home every day at 5.30…

I’ve been doing this as a full-time job for 14 years this year. Out of all that time know how much of it has been spent working nights? 12. Yup. I’ve had 2 years since I was 20 years old that didn’t involve me working evenings. It’s not that big a deal when you’re younger but for most of my son’s almost 9 years on the planet Daddy hasn’t been there during the week to read him bedtime stories or put him to bed…

More trivially it also means no going to weeknight gigs, watching Champions League football or just vegging in front of the telly like normal folk do… πŸ™‚ That’s why I, and the rest of the guys on the show, are primarily well up for the new slot! Real life returning to as close as what we laughingly call normality around here as it can… Bit unshowbiz but there you have it!

I’m genuinely sad to be leaving the people we’ve built up over the 6 months where we are but you always hope as many as possible of them will follow you to earlier in the day and you’ll have the chance to corrupt a whole new set of unsuspecting innocents. As for the other question I’ve been most asked in the last day – yes, it’ll be the same show, just at a different time. And with a whole bunch of new crap I haven’t thought up yet πŸ™‚

Completely aside from that you might not have seen the full new schedule so have a gander:

The new weekday schedule on RTÉ 2fm, from March 2007 will be:

6 – 9am: The 2fm Alarm Clock with Colm and Jim Jim
9 – 12pm: The Gerry Ryan Show
12 – 2pm: Nikki Hayes
2 – 5pm: Rick O’Shea
5 – 7pm: The Shift with Will Leahy
7 – 10pm: Ruth Scott
10 – 12am: Damien Farrelly
12 – 2am: Dan Hegarty

I’m genuinely excited about the way all of this fits together – think it’ll make a station that’ll be unmissable for most of the day πŸ™‚

But sure we’ll see!


5 thoughts on “How Radio Works…

  1. It is a higher profile slot, and that rocks, so congrats! And yeah, the child will probably like getting a story or two (and the wife will probably like getting a quiet cup of tea!).

    Looking forward to the new slot, and the new lineup. Every shift change is a huge opportunity :-).

  2. I suppose the fans are just pissed that you’re on earlier in the day. If they are in school, college and perhaps in certain places of work it just makes it that little bit harder for them to listen in. Feels like you’re going back into a bit of an old routine though, you being on after Nikki and such. It is sad to see two old traditions go at the same time though… Larry Gogan on weekdays and Programs starting at 6pm. sniff. They shall be sorely missed indeed… Anyways, good luck with the move and everything.

  3. Such an FM104 look to the “new” line up….Colm and Jim Jim on breakfast and you on the afternoon show – now where have I heard that before πŸ™‚

    Ye’ll rock the new slot – well done….

  4. Mr. Rickles..

    You did that wrong.. it’s supposed to be 2 – 5 a.m.

    Now how am I ever supposed to listen to you.. i’ll be asleeping or too tired to listen.. πŸ™

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