Live Events With Cecelia Ahern And Hannah Kent

Seems to make sense to put both of these together as they happened in fairly quick succession.

Thanks *so* much to everyone who came out to our first Cork event, to Waterstones for agreeing so quickly and to Cecelia herself for making the trip up and down.

She was warm, giving, thoughtful and told a few tales that weren’t for the internet 🙂

Hannah Kent pulled probably the biggest single author crowd we’ve had for a Dubray event in Dublin and she didn’t disappoint.

She was incredibly smart, very passionate, spoke at length about Burial Rites and her new book and by the time I left there was a very, very long queue for her signature…

Thanks a million to the brilliant Ger Holland who, when she’s not a member of the book club, is a brilliant professional photographer!

Next event – John Boyne in Ennis

And you can join the book club at any time here:

The Ali Land Event

Wasn’t she brilliant?

Only her second ever public event with a book that has been sold in 22 countries (so she might have a few more to come), she was such a pro, and we had a huge crowd for a January, half of whom hadn’t even read the book yet!

(Thanks to everyone whose pics I stole from Twitter!)

Then we headed over for a blind book swap and a beer or two…

We trended too…

Leading to this 🙂

A fine, fine evening in all.

Our next two are with Cecelia Ahern in Cork and Hannah Kent in Dublin!

The ROSBC Xmas Party 2016

The date on the above implies there will be more in years to come… not to get ahead of ourselves or anything.

Thank you to everyone who came, Dubray for giving us the space, every single author who came and mingled (and yes I am going to namecheck you all Eoin Colfer, Alex Barclay, Arlene Hunt, Chris Judge, Colm O’Regan, Dave Rudden, Sinéad Crowley, Cat Hogan, Caroline Grace-Cassidy, Louise Phillips, Julie Parsons, Kate Beaufoy, Eleanor Fitzsimons, Orla McAlinden, Neil Hegarty, Sarah Webb, Eamon Ambrose, Laureate na nÓg PJ Lynch) and particularly Liz Nugent and Colm O’Regan for doing readings on the night!

Pics do tell it all (some of which stolen from the social feeds of those there), our next event will be in January, join up to find out when –









And, for once, I hared around getting selfies with my friends!






The Liz Nugent Interview – Galway


I have to admit, I was nervous. It’s the first time that a Book Club event has been done outside of Dublin and you just never know if anyone is going to show.

Little did I need to worry…

Thanks to Dubray for putting us literally in the front window (I talked to an elderly American tourist afterwards who had just head the speakers and popped in, staying for the whole event! She wanted to know if I was from the TV…)

Thanks to Liz for being such a warm and giving interviewee (and I mean that genuinely – some things were banned from being tweeted #THINGSNOTFORTHETWITTER) and for staying to the actual death, talking to people all night.

Thanks to O’Connell’s Bar for giving us a choice section of the beer garden all to ourselves and thanks to the tons of people who came early and left late.

Most importantly though, thanks to everyone who came, asked questions, came to the pub for the blind book swap afterwards and made such an effort to travel (we had people coming from Cavan, Mayo and Clare!)

We’ll be back…











Our next event has just been announced over on the book club itself, and it’s a biggie:

The Jessie Burton Interview

Started off with the usual me tarting myself up and then sending pics to my wife to make sure I don’t look like an idiot and then her pondering clues for our books for the blind book swap after…



It was brilliant to see that Dubray are now dedicating a table in their stores to the Book Club’s books of the month every month from now on. Feels weird to see them out there in the real world…

The event itself was just super – Jessie was a great interviewee with tons of stuff to say about The Miniaturist, pressure, writing process, how The Muse came together, research and where things go from here…









As for the afters they went brilliantly as usual – a feeding frenzy around the blind book swap and then the breaking up into table for chats and the lovely nibbles supplied by the ledgebags at Against The Grain.



My favourite part this time was the brilliantly creative clues some people left…






Yes, there will be another Book Club author interview and live event soon and even the one after that is in the planning!

For now, I’m doing these tonight and next week and all are welcome (must RSVP for the Liz Nugent one!)

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