Black Boar, Soho, Yellowbelly, Albino Squid Assassin…

It’s been a little while but, to be honest, I tried the dry January thing so little new beer was tried.

Since then it#s been interesting. Best thing I had at the Alltech event in the Convention Centre (and I had little as I was MCing the day!) was the barrel aged Black Boar from White Hag. Pricey at 20 quid but absolutely delicious…


Also managed a day in London. Managed one and some food in the new Brewdog Soho. Great selection, like the food. Bit big and barn-like and it was quiet when we were there but I presume it’d be full of atmosphere of an evening.




Had this beauty at home from the same lads…


And as well as that all of these are well worth your time…

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